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Hello- I am very inspired by your website- I want so very bad to make some money on the side with craigslist to suppliment my income — I used to sell things on ebay but like you said they eat you up with escalated fees and paypal fees and not really worth the effort anymore- but i am very confused about how many items i may list on craigslist at any given time.

Could you possibly shed some light on this subject for me?

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Thank you so much for your help. Hi Becky, thanks for the note. Hi great website love all the information I have a question where are u finding the appliances to resell? I was thinking about buying on CL repainting etc.. Hey Joe, thanks for the question. I find all the appliances I buy on Craigslist. I pick them up, clean them up, fix them if needed, paint them if needed and then resell them at the market rate.

I also usually deliver and haul away the old appliances. The bigger the market obviously the more potential there is. Let me know if you have any other questions. Hi Ryan, What do you think of trying to sell our faith based artwork through Craigslist? Some people might be willing to. If there is no way to purchase the item locally or call a local number, ads will often get flagged and deleted.

Let me know how it goes. Drive it around, all the while having it posted for a good bit more than I paid. Rinse and repeat a few times a year. Washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators. Some dishwashers but not many. Gas dryers as well, but not as often. Just buy one, clean it up, learn out to take it apart and clean out the inside, and repost it. Offer delivery and haul away of the old one. Hope this helps, good luck! We are planning to offer a service of selling goods on Craigslist and splitting the money. Can you give me a short list of the easiest items to sell on Craigslist?

We are doing a 3 week blitz, so not interested in items that take a really long time to move. Tools, bikes, appliances, newer electronics, laptops and nicer desktop computers, real wood furniture or nicer furniture. If you have some specific items you have questions about, shoot me an email. What do I do if multiple buyers want my item? Im new and I dont knkw who to sell my item to. First come first serve is the general rule of Craigslist. If they want to schedule a time later in the week, go on to the next person and so forth.

I was wondering if you live in a big or small city. Perhaps there is a different niche in different areas. The flip side of the high Craigslist use is that people usually search for items like theirs before they price it and so price fluctuations are somewhat subdued. In smaller markets you might be more likely to get very good deals on items as people have even less of an idea at how much their item is worth. That said, you need to be able to diversify more in smaller markets. It will take more work up front learning about other niches, but once learned, they can pay off for a lifetime.

Just a few thoughts, hope they help! Go to Google. It will pull up all the hot dog carts listed in any Craigslist market across the country.

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Works great! Best of luck! Keep calling and be polite. Be firm and just keep asking when a good time to bring it by would be. People would rather refund your money than deal with the stress of continually thinking about an unhappy buyer returning something. Squeeky wheel gets the grease. Let this be a reminder to check things out as thoroughly as possible and only buy things from people that you are comfortable with.

If you get a bad feeling about the transaction, walk away. Intuition helps. Someone else will buy it and they will have the money up front. Best of luck. Is there a good method to do this to expand your market? You can test it out, maybe set up a Google voice number and see if you ever get a call on an item, or email from using one of those other sites. I have a question regarding postings to sell product on craigs list. I have numerous postings to sell products of my business, ie , brick, stone etc. In the past never had problems with deleted ads.

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Now most get deleted, why? I use 6 to 8 pics per ad. Either that are they are in the wrong section if there is By dealer section where you are posting the items. Hi Ryan and thank you for creating this awesome site. Are fitness equipment and service or sporting profitable areas of CL? But, the glory of Craigslist is that it allows you to try risk free. Give it a shot! Up until a month ago, when you looked in the for sale adds, bikes, furniture, household etc they would be highlighted until you cleaned your cache. Also, when you done with furniture and went to the for sale again to go from furniture to household, the last one you were on would show a dark border around your last choice.

How come they stopped doing that?

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It probably has to do with your browser not being able to recognize a visited link. Mine is still working on my computer. Maybe try Google Chrome and see if that works?

Buying used cell phones on Craigslist, eBay + Amaz

I am looking into the world of buying and re selling. Do you have any tips for me or paths i could take. I am not looking to get rich, I am just looking for a hobby to make extra cash on the side. If it were to turn into a decent income then that would be great.

What would you try just starting out? I have a couple hundred dollars to invest and just FYI I live in Kansas in a college town, not a huge city. Thanks man looking forward to hearing back from you. Do you think buying spring products like weed eater and yard tools in winter at low price for spring resale is a good ideal. Same with heaters etc in summer. One of the best is window air conditioners.

You basically get paid to store them. If you have a shed, fill it up! Lately I have had items flagged and deleted that I have had no problem with in the past.

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  • Would be so great if they gave you some type of reason code. Very frustrating. Any ideas? Try making the ads slightly more unique and see that goes. I listed an item on Craigslist that I am trying to sell for my boss. I should have listed much higher. What is proper etiquette in getting back to this interested person? I would just tell them that you are helping someone else sell the item and that you had to adjust the price.

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    Ryan, I sell a lot of stuff on Craigslist. I wanna sell stuff for other people. Can I put an ad on Craigslist showing that I will sell your goods or post the ad for them. Am I allowed to do that or does my selling for other people have to be advertised somewhere else or word of mouth.