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Every little stat counts!

I suppose one thing that's impossible to measure is INT's due to receivers running bad, or wrong, routes. Those would, of course, disproportionately affect QBs who rely on timing routes. I suppose there could be some egregious 4th down throws where the defender has room for a good return, but I would think most 4th down INTs are because it didn't occur to the defender to drop the pass or, I suppose, the defender has a bonus clause tied to INTs.


More often than not, I would expect an interception on 4th down would be better for an offense than an incompletion. I tend to agree. They all occurred with the team trailing either in the last four minutes of the game or trailing by at least 20 points. All but one were in the 4th quarter. Interestingly, in three of six cases, the returner got the ball past the original line of scrimmage, including one yard return off a yard pass. But yeah, I have no idea why they are claiming that Prescott's 4th-down INT with left in a game the Cowboys were losing doesn't quality as desperation.

Any idea which weren't included? The middle two -- the Gronk play against Indianapolis, and the Develin target against Chicago. Technically those plays were not drops, they were defensed -- even though Brady delivered accurate passes and the receivers had the ball in their hands, the defender is credited with a pass defensed for knocking or ripping the ball away. Actually, you know who else was insanely lucky in ?

Jeff Driskel. KAO You guys absolutely count Interceptable passes different than me or some others I follow lol these are some low numbers for a lot of these guys. I guess if you are really specifically looking at literal dropped INTs by defenders than it makes sense to be lower. You think that passes that are flubbed by the receiver and intercepted should be counted as real ones too?


I think thou protesteth too much. Stat Analysis. Advanced analytics on player and team performance. What's Wrong with the Eagles' Pass Rush? Fitzpatrick to Steelers. Adjusted Interceptions Log in or register to post comments. Here's the process: We start with each player's actual interception total. Ben Roethlisberger led the NFL in with 16 interceptions.


We then add plays where the quarterback threw a ball that could have or should have been intercepted but was not, either because the defender outright dropped the ball which we have been tracking in game charting since , or he had it knocked out of his hands by an offensive receiver a "defensed interception," which we have been tracking since Mahomes and Carr each benefited from a league-high ten such plays.

Next, we subtract those interceptions that were tipped by receivers into the hands of defenders as established in , these plays can be thought of as Matt Ryan specials. Division rivals Andrew Luck and Blake Bortles led the league in this category with three apiece. We also subtract passes that are tipped by receivers but then dropped by defenders to make sure they are not double-counted.

This only happened once last season, on a Luck pass. Finally, we subtract Hail Mary interceptions, as well as interceptions thrown in desperation on fourth down in the final two minutes of a game. We're flexible on these definitions -- this year, we included three interceptions thrown on fourth down while a quarterback was trailing in the final of the game -- two by Sam Darnold against the Dolphins in Week 9 and one by Jared Goff against the Bears in Week Counting that throw, Goff had three Hail Mary interceptions, most in the league.

Isle of Man Government - Interception of Communications

Enough with the minutia -- let's get to the big table of numbers! Darnold NYJ 15 2 9 1 0 21 3. Mahomes KC 12 1 10 0 0 21 2. Roethlisberger PIT 16 0 5 1 0 20 2. Winston TB 14 1 6 0 0 19 3. Newton CAR 13 0 5 1 0 17 2. Keenum DEN 15 1 3 0 0 17 2.

Best interception tries

Tannehill MIA 9 0 7 0 0 16 3. Trubisky CHI 12 0 4 0 0 16 2.

Eagles grab late interception to seal a much-needed win over Packers

Rivers LAC 12 0 5 1 0 16 2. Stafford DET 11 0 5 0 0 16 2. Manning NYG 11 0 4 0 0 15 1. Fitzpatrick TB 12 0 3 1 0 14 4. Mayfield CLE 14 1 2 1 0 14 2.

Packers’ late drive comes up short

Subsection 1 does not apply where the person intercepting the private communication—. Part 4 of the Intelligence and Security Act ; or. Subsection 1 does not apply to any monitoring of a prisoner call under section of the Corrections Act or any interception of a private communication if the interception is authorised under section B of that Act.

Subsection 1 does not apply to the interception of private communications by any interception device operated by a person engaged in providing an Internet or other communication service to the public if—. Information obtained under subsection 5 must be destroyed immediately if it is no longer needed for the purpose of maintaining the Internet or other communication service.

Any information held by any person that was obtained while assisting with the execution of a surveillance device warrant issued under the Search and Surveillance Act must, upon expiry of the warrant, be—. New Zealand Legislation. Home Advanced search Browse About this site.