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Contains: violence, explicit sex. Dog World by Jason McKinney. CreateSpace , Availability: New.

Full Moon City by Martin H. Greenberg

The terror responsible for this coming apocalypse is the werewolf. Werewolves evolved in the Dark Ages and for the most part stayed under the radar…. Not all of the werewolf population feels this way, though. There are quite a few werewolves who respect the humans and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. Together, the humans and human-friendly werewolves will battle to the death to protect the world.

Moon in fiction

The first waves of the werewolf take-over begin in Iraq with the military. Right away the action takes off. During the fighting there is a lot of military jargon. This is to be expected in a book featuring military personnel as the main characters, but as someone who is not that familiar with the military, I got bogged down trying to figure out the terms.

I thought this took away from some of the action. This was disappointing and threw off the timing of the combat scenes as well as dialogue between the characters. I really felt if the book had some hardcore editing done to it, the story would have tightened up and been way more enjoyable. There is hope. The werewolves and their plans for world domination are just beginning and McKinney left room at the end for a sequel. With a lot of editing and proofreading I believe the author could create a sequel that would showcase his talents and be an asset in the werewolf genre.

Not recommended. Contains: graphic gory violence and extreme sexual situations. Review by Brandi Blankenship. The Taming of the Werewolf by Sylvia Shults. Dark Continents Publishing, Available: New paperback and multiformat ebook. Rather, he took already existing stories and then retold them in such a way that they have endured through the ages. For those of you not quite remembering the plot, Katharina is the eldest daughter of a rich gentleman who is required to be wed before her younger sister, Bianca can marry. Finally, a man named Petruchio presents himself and proceeds to tame Katharina through atypical, often cruel means, eventually resulting in a docile wife and a triumphant suitor.

The author weaves this explanation seamlessly into the existing story, and her writing ability carries us through to an ending that suggests more of a marriage among equals, which will resonate better with modern readers. I admire her rendition of the main plot. However, the lack of subplots leaves the overall work a bit wanting.

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Not having these tangents in Taming of the Werewolf at best leaves the novel used up too quickly, at worst creates some noticeable holes in the plot. The most glaring example of this is how Petruchio recognized Vincentio, the father of one of the callers, on a road. Not only had he never met the father in this retelling—he never met the son, either!

If only Shults had spent a little more time further developing the story…but alas. Contains: brief sex scene. Reviewed by: W. Battletree Books, Entitled "A Story of a Weir-Wolf", it was originally published in Set in the Middle Ages, it is a finely woven tapestry of intrigue, betrayal, love and tragedy.

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  • I would also highly recommend it as an addition to the personal library of anyone who enjoys reading classic literature. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and Barger's introduction of the history of the werewolf in literature was priceless. Contains: mild violence, some peril. Review by: Rhonda Walton. Visible Ink Press, Available: New and Used. If you want to expand your interest in werewolves and other shapeshifters beyond fiction, to the realms of history, science and the occult, start with this book.

    Not only does The Werewolf Book have entries on all manner of shape shifting beings from myth, and accounts of supposed real life were-critters, it also encompasses the books and movies that influenced the image of shape shifting and werewolves throughout history and made it what it was today.

    Nothing is treated as trivial. Even the effect of comedy, such as Abbot and Costello's monster movies, on the mythos, is dealt with respectfully. While the encyclopedia isn't exhaustive in its entries, it does offer a plethora of titles to seek out for further research. Certainly a core reference for the study of shape shifting beings, The Werewolf Book is an essential part of collections that cater to researchers, occultists, writers, and anyone interested in lycanthropes.

    Contains: some disturbing descriptions of witch trials and tortures Review by Michele Lee. Unfortunately; there's a very old werewolf curse on her family, and although the conditions for the inheritance are real, they are also a means to lure Sophia to the arms of an evil creature that prowls outside the castle.

    It's not a bad book, but it's too passive for urban fantasy fans, and too vague for hardcore historical lovers. Scent of the Wolf is a stylish old classic werewolf tale that would especially appeal to fans of werewolf horror movies An American Werewolf in London, The Wolfman, etc. Ivan is a total bad guy, a complete jerk who can point out people's stupidity with sinister calm while gleefully killing them.

    He's also the cargo of two stone cold, no-nonsense mafia transport men who are taking him across Florida to Too bad Ivan just got loose and is now roaming suburban neighborhoods slaughtering people. Jeff Strand's Wolf Hunt is a wild ride, full of characters who don't fall for all the typical horror novel tropes, and who face their circumstances with casual sensibility.

    This is definitely a stand out in horror fiction, not just werewolf tales. This is the story for people disillusioned with all the other werewolves out there, especially the thinly veiled alpha male stereotypes. Highly recommended for private and public collections. Contains: Language, violence, gore. He is starting to believe it may very well consist of a full staff of werewolves.

    Lupo knows that getting himself involved in this case also puts his closest friends, including his girlfriend Jessie, at risk of harm as well.

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    • Could the two be connected? Will Lupo be able to take down this shifty group no pun intended before anyone else gets hurt?

      Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night (story)

      Once again Gagliani has created a wonderful addition to the werewolf subgenre. Fans of this subgenre will definitely want to check out this novel, along with the two previous books in the series, as Gagliani puts a bit of a spin on werewolves. Most werewolf novels tend to either have all good werewolves or all bad, but Gagliani mixes things up. Arctic Wolf Publishing, Many contain paranormal elements and some are written as human horror, but all of them are worth reading. I found each story to be easy to read, allowing readers of all levels to enjoy this collection. Not to name all of the stories in this book, but three in particular stood out to me.

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      Most people would expect a very different destiny for a werewolf, but Jason feels strongly about his decision and has given up everything to make it happen. What is the secret and what is the great sacrifice? I would recommend this collection to all horror fans and especially those looking to get into horror without worrying about picking up a book containing extremely graphic sex and gore. Contains: Adult Situations, Adult Language.