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But I am gonna come and tell you that you are awesome the way you are. We all make mistakes, but none of us are mistakes. Take one day at a time.

Life Without Limits

Embrace the positive attitudes, perspectives, principles and truths I share, and you, too, will overcome. To make the decision to take action right now will change everything! If we choose the right attitude, we can rise above whatever challenges we face. If YOU fail, are you going to try again? The human spirit can handle much worse than we realize. Are you going to finish strong? Hugh Beaulac, a tech geek and blogger behind MC2. I am happy for Vujicic - that he has found a fulfilling life and he has shared his wisdom with others, who hear him and take those words to feel better.

For me, it didn't pull at those heartstrings near as much as that video did. He was born without arms or legs but is able to travel around the world speaking to audiences of all sizes about hope and faith. This book was such a positive and uplifting journey through his life that I'm sure I will come back to it again and again. Throughout the book he uses examples from his own life and those he has come into contact with to show people how by changing your attitude, helping other This weekend I finished reading a really good book by Nick Vujicic called Life Without Limits. Throughout the book he uses examples from his own life and those he has come into contact with to show people how by changing your attitude, helping others and relying on your faith, you too can live a life without limits.

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The book is very easy to read and kept my interest from the beginning to the very end. Although he has physical limitations, he doesn't let that stop him from achieving his purpose and I feel that this can be applied to any area of my life that I am struggling in. I think my favourite quote in this book was on page "To achieve success you have to feel worthy of it and then take responsibility for making it happen. I will use the great information to help me in my weight loss journey as well as in my professional life and personal life.

I agree with the author that we must help others to stop focusing on our own problems and deficiencies. I am involved with some missions projects more in praying and donations but after reading his stories of India and Africa, I am planning to go on a mission trip in the next couple of years. I try to meet needs in my local community but this book even focused a chapter on building better relationships so I can better meet needs for those around me.

In this book, the author refers a great deal to his Christian faith which I admire, and he quotes some Scriptures, however, in some places he paraphrases Bible verses without quoting them which disappointed me a little bit. He also refers to himself as an evangelist but in this book I did not feel he clearly led the reader to be able to embrace his faith or to challenge them to make a decision but rather just held Christianity as an option that was out there and whatever spiritual choice they made was fine. This surprised me, but did not diminish my respect for the rest of the information given.

I highly recommend reading this book for all audiences - everyone will be able to gain some insight and wisdom from his life and from the other lives he has connected with. I would look forward to reading other books by this author in the future. I also hope that one day I can be in one of his audiences to hear him speak in person. Jan 13, Cami rated it it was ok Shelves: did-not-finish. Nick Vujicic is an amazing person and he definitely has some great things to say. I am very impressed with his ability to find happiness and unfailing faith in Christ despite being born without limbs.

But the book itself was not what I expected and was too long for what he had to say.

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I have seen YouTube video clips of Nick doing amazing things, and the videos are very motivational. I didn't find anything in the book that couldn't be gleaned from watching one of the videos online. It was hard to Nick Vujicic is an amazing person and he definitely has some great things to say. It was hard to trudge through this book because of all the pausing to throw in motivational cliches and generalities--like he was reading every motivational quote and meme off Pinterest that he could find.

It was almost so cheery that it came across as fake. I also got tired of hearing about all the people he has touched; it didn't start out as bragging but it also didn't let up, which kinda made him sound prideful. I am a God-fearing, church-going Christian, but I was still overwhelmed with the preachy tone of the story. For me, it would have been better if it was edited down to just tell his story and let me draw my own conclusions about what lessons he can inspire in me. View all 5 comments.

Apr 18, Sheila rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , spiritual , humor , memoir , christian , relationships. The cover picture, of a handsome happy young man, smiling, staring straight at the reader, certainly pulls you in. Nick Vujicic must surely have lived the ultimate in limited lives, carried from place to place, dressed by others, fed by others, trundled around like a doll… but he learned not only to be independent, but also how and when to choose dependence instead.

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A lovely sense of humor pervades this book, almost inviting you to look more closely at the pictures—yes, it invited me; I searched for Nick on Youtube and Facebook too as soon as I finished reading! Nick says, with absolute honesty, there are others in the world with far more problems than he. He says, with absolute honesty, that we can change our lives, then he proves that too. He confesses to his teenage depression and hopelessness,and proves there really was a way through.

Do you need to change your attitudes? Do you need to set new goals? Do you need more people skills and just imagine how important such skills must be to someone without arms to defend himself or legs to flee! Do you want some practical steps to overcoming your limits? Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review, and I count myself ridiculously lucky! If it could be made compulsory reading for every adult I believe the incidence of depression would also drop dramatically.

If Life Without Limits were mandatory reading for all new parents I believe both parents and children would benefit.

21 Powerful Quotes from Nick Vujicic To Help You Lead

Nick Vujicic is a fiercely determined but no ordinary motivational speaker. Nick is Australian and was born without limbs. He has no arms or legs but that has not stopped him from surfing, skateboarding, and scuba diving and many more physically activities. In his final year of high school he was the school captain and went on to gain a degree in Financial Planning and Accounting.